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The Universal Exaltation of the Precious and Life-Giving Cross! - 09/23/2023
Last updated: 2023-09-24 00:55:32

On September 27th, the Church celebrates the feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross. Two events connected to the Honorable Cross of our Lord are commemorated this day: first, the finding of the Cross by the Empress Helena in the Holy Land; and second, the return of the Cross from Persia to Jerusalem in the year 628.

"O Lord, save Your people, and bless You inheritance. Grant victories to the Orthodox Christians over their adversaries. And by virtue of Your Cross, preserve Your habitation."

Parable of the Talents - 09/23/2023
Last updated: 2023-09-24 00:41:36

Oftentimes, especially during hard economic times, a question is raised by some about inequality of material possessions between people, and whether wealth should be redistributed in some fair fashion. On the other hand, some are wondering whether able but idle people already get more than they deserve. The Parable of the Talents gives us a perspective that helps us to put us on the right side of those issues.

Nativity of the Holy Birth Giver of God - 09/15/2023
Last updated: 2023-09-17 00:44:22

“O Most Holy Birth Giver of God Save Us!” With such powerful words The Holy Orthodox Church concludes almost all of its divine services, making its final appeal to the One, who is the first among the Heavenly choirs of the saints who intercede God on behalf of the human race.

Today, on this eighth day of the Liturgical year as we celebrate her blessed Nativity, let’s pause and contemplate upon the role and the image of the Most Holy Birth Giver of God and Ever-Virgin Mary.

Багато покликаних, але мало вибраних - 09/06/2023
Last updated: 2023-09-06 10:59:45

Дорогі у Христі, всі ми покликані до Царства Божого, яке, за словом Спасителя, подібне до весільного бенкету. В Євангельській притчі, яка читається у чотирнадцяту неділю після Святої Тройці, нам слід розуміти, що цар, який зробив весілля своєму синові - це Бог Отець, Творець неба і землі. Царський син - це Єдинородний Його Син Ісус Христос, а наречена - Церква, що об’єднує всіх вірних. Святий апостол Павло говорить : «заручив бо я вас одному чоловікові, щоб Христові привести вас чистою дівою» (2Кор. 11,2). Під весільним бенкетом слід розуміти Царство Боже, в якому всі віруючі назавжди з’єднуються з Ісусом Христом.

The Guests at the Marriage Feast - 09/06/2023
Last updated: 2023-09-06 11:01:11

The 14th Sunday after Pentecost
The king gave a marriage feast for his son. This requires no particular explanation; it is normal for a father to give a marriage feast for his son (the modern American custom of the bride’s family giving the wedding reception is relatively recent). But, when the quests were notified to come, they did not. Even today this would be a shocking insult; no polite person accepts a dinner invitation, even for a less formal occasion than a married feast, and then refuses to attend. And no prudent person would insult the king, of all people, so outrageously.

Weekly reflections by Rev. Fr. Anthony Perkins, pastor of St. Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket, RI. Click here>
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